To get the most enjoyment out of your bicycle, you must have the right apparel. This includes jerseys, shorts, shoes, gloves, and most importantly, a helmet.

A helmet is the single most important part of cycling, after the bicycle itself. A helmet can save your life if you are ever in a crash while riding your bicycle. Select a high quality helmet that fits snugly on you head while riding your bicycle. You may also want a helmet that has vents to allow circulation of air while riding. A good bicycle helmet is well worth its cost. Even if you’re never in an accident, a helmet will provide you with peace of mind that should ever be involved in a bicycle accident, that your head will be safe.

As far as apparel goes for your bicycle, the helmet is number 1.

But there is lots of other apparel that can make your bicycle ride more enjoyable. Good gloves with padding in the palms can absorb some of the normal shock while riding your bicycle. Gloves can also prevent chaffing and rubbing of your hands while gripping your handlebars.

Bicycle shoes are also available. Often bicycle shoes are thinner and narrower in the front to slip into grips that are often found on bicycle pedals. Bicycle shoes are a good piece of apparel to have because they often have good traction for keeping your feet on the pedals while riding. Bicycle shoes also have sturdy ankles to provide support while riding your bicycle. A good pair of bicycle shoes can be an invaluable piece of riding apparel.

Along with the shoes and gloves, there are other pieces of apparel to make your bicycle ride more enjoyable.

Jerseys and shorts are often made of light-weight and breathable material. These pieces of apparel will help keep you cool on a long hot bicycle ride. Many jerseys and shorts designed for bicycle riders will wick away the sweat from your body, keeping you dry and cool on your bicycle ride. Few articles of clothing provide the same benefit as specially designed bicycle apparel.

Jerseys such as the ones tour riders wear are also popular for those who want to achieve that bicycle rider look. Lance Armstrong’s gold Tour de France jerseys are available for purchase as are other bicycle apparel jerseys.

So pick up a bicycle helmet and other apparel like gloves and sturdy bicycle shoes, and maybe a jersey and some bicycle shorts, and make your next bicycle ride an enjoyable one. Make sure you always ride with a helmet; in some areas it’s against the law to ride a bicycle without a safety helmet.