Pocket BikesA popular type of bicycle is the hybrid bicycle. The basic idea behind these bicycles is that along with the rider pedaling to make the bike go, often there is another source of power that the rider can rely on to move the bicycle along. Most often, this extra push is provided by some type of motor mounted on the bicycle. The motorized bicycle can be electric or gas powered, but the engine ultimately allows the rider to cover greater distances with minimal effort.

Often referred to as a super bike, this motorized bicycle with a gas or electric engine resembles a motor cycle sport bike more than a standard bicycle. Super bikes are great fun to ride, and when you don’t want to pedal your bicycle anymore, just power up the engine and let the motor do the cycling for you.

Pocket bikes are another example of motorized bicycles. They often have pedals to power the bicycle when the motor or engine is not in use. But power up the motor, and sit back and ride. Pocket bikes are miniature versions, but otherwise resemble again motor cycle sport bikes more than standard motorcycles. Often times they are so small its hard to imagine how anyone rides these motorized pocket bikes, but people enjoy them just the same as their large size motorized bicycle counterparts.

To fall into the category of motorized bicycle, the bicycle only needs to have a working pedal and crank shaft, and also an engine or motor that can deliver power to the rear wheel to aid in cycling. The engine can be gas or electric, large or small, loud or quiet, but it’s got to motor.