The parts of the bicycle, the individual components that make up the bike, are pretty simple and straightforward.

A bicycle is basically a frame sitting on two tires, powered by a pedal connected to the wheel by a chain. The rider doing the pedaling sits on the seat, and holds on to the handlebars, which is also how the rider steers the bicycle. Throw on some safety parts like reflectors, and you’ve got a standard bicycle.

A bicycle frame is usually metal or some alloy material depending on what the bicycle will be used for. It’s the main part of the bicycle, what holds all the different parts of the bicycle together.

The front and rear of the bicycle are comprised of forks. The forks are parts that look just like they sound. It’s a part comprised of two metal arms that go on either side of the wheel, so that the wheel can spin, but still stay connected to the rest of the bicycle parts.

On most standard bicycles, the front wheel is free-spinning, while the rear wheel is connected via gears and a bicycle chain to the part of the bicycle that makes it go, the pedals. As the rider turns the pedals by pumping his or her legs, the gear part is turned, which rotates the chain, which rotates the rear gears, which turn the back wheel.

The wheel is a bicycle part comprised of a metal rim, spokes, and the tire. The tire is the rubber part that touches the ground. Tires come in all shapes and sizes. On most bicycles, the tires are inflated with air held in a rubber inner tube.

There are a few more parts to a bicycle. The seat is where the rider sits while pedaling the bicycle and turning the chains and gears that make the bicycle go. A comfortable seat is the part that will most make your ride enjoyable, and an uncomfortable seat can really ruin your bike ride.

On top of the frame and usually over the front tire are the bicycle handlebars. This is the part of the bike that the rider holds on to. On many bicycles, the brakes are activated by hand levers located on the handlebars. On most bicycles with multi-gear setups, there is usually a gear shifter located on this part of the bicycle as well.

The final part that comes standard on most bicycles is the reflector. This allows the bicycle and rider to be seen by other vehicles on the road.

All these parts listed above, the frame, tires, wheels, handlebars, seat, pedals, gears, brakes, and even the reflector all combine to make the standard bicycle.