Now that you have your new or used bicycle, you’re going to need to know some of the simple steps on how to repair a bicycle. Most bicycle repair is pretty straight forward, and with a little mechanical know-how to guide you through the process, you can make many of the repairs yourself.

If you are unsure how to repair a bicycle, you could look for a book or guide that explains bicycle repair. Books and guides on how to repair a bicycle are available at any book store or public library.

One of the most common bicycle repairs that riders will have to fix is the chain derailing from the crankshaft. To repair a derailed chain on a bicycle that has multiple gears, simply push forward on the gear changer to give some slack in the chain, and slide it back onto the sprocket that it came off of. For fixed gear bicycles, this repair becomes slightly more involved. You may need a bicycle stand so that you can loosen the rear wheel and slide it forward. From there you can fit the chain back onto the sprocket while turning the pedals to reset the chain into the grooves. That is how to repair a chain that has derailed. If you have a broken chain, then you will need to replace the chain before you can continue riding.

A good thing to have before you set out on a long bicycle ride is a small took kit. A few tools can be invaluable should anything need repaired on your bicycle while you are riding it. A good tool kit for bicycle repair should include an adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers, and an inner tube repair kit or patch kit. Inevitably while you are riding your bicycle you may blow a tire. There are tools available that can fill the puncture hole in your inner tube. Then you just use a handheld pump to fill the inner tube back up, and you’ve just completed a bicycle repair that will allow you to keep riding.

So with the proper tools and a good bicycle stand, you can learn how to do many bicycle repairs with the help of a good bicycle repair guide or book to teach you how.