On the previous page we looked at the most popular bicycle brands. Now we’ll take a look at bicycle shops, which research shows is where most riders purchase their bicycles from. There are lots of bicycle shops across the country; many sell all different types of bicycles. At most shops you can find specially designed ladies bikes for sale. A lot of shop dealers realize that ladies bikes are a growing niche in the market that recently has been more used.

Bicycle shops often offer a place for customers to buy and sell their used bicycles as well, at a slight mark up for the bicycle shop. But for some riders this is a cheap alternative to buying a new bicycle, they can save money and buy a used one.

Many bicycle shop dealers will offer good quality bikes for cheap sale prices. If you hit the sale right, you can walk away with a very expensive bicycle for cheap. Many bicycle shop dealers will use sales to move last years bicycle model and make room for the new bicycles for people to buy.

Some of the bicycles on the previous page range in price from $100 up to $8,000 or more! For some riders, the only option is to buy a cheap used bicycle or buy one on sale from a bicycle shop dealer. Especially the ladies bicycles, which dealers will often mark up; you may need to wait for a sale to buy a used bicycle cheap.

The bicycle shop is also a great place to go to learn more about bicycles. And the bicycle shop dealer is always willing to help you select the best bicycle for you. If you don’t know exactly which bicycle you want to buy, head over to your local bicycle shop and let the dealer help you buy the perfect bike for you.