Bicycle TourAn increasing number of people are taking the enjoyable bicycle ride to the next level. That next level is going on a bicycle tour. There are many different types of bicycle tours, ranging from a leisurely ride around some touristy destinations in your home town, to a competitive long-distance bicycle race like the Tour de France, and everything in between.

What most bicycle tours have in common is that they follow some sort of trail. Bicycle touring is an enjoyable experience, whether that trail takes you through the mountains or the countryside. Two popular destinations for bicycle tours are France and Italy because of the majestic mountains and beautiful rolling countryside that can be found in both countries.

Tour bicycles are usually designed to carry extra luggage. Many of the frames in tour bicycles allow the rider to sit further forward, giving them a mechanical advantage of pushing down and back on the pedals. Also most tour bicycles have multi-gear mechanics, to allow for the changing environment a tour rider may encounter.

Bicycle tours can take place in a lazy afternoon, but many are several days of riding at a fairly brisk pace. Some tours can cover 30 or more miles in a single day, and that includes resting, eating, breaks, and sight seeing. At that pace, you could cycle past a good portion of the French mountains or the Italian countryside.

Bicycle tours, especially destination bicycle tours like the tours that journey to France or Italy, are a great way to spend a vacation. You’ll get to see parts of the mountains and countryside that few others ever see. And you’ll get to enjoy those mountain views and rolling countryside while participating in a fun and relaxing sport, and getting a ton of exercise as well.

So get yourself a tour bike and head out on your favorite trail. Pack a picnic lunch, stop at an interesting sight, and on your way back think how much fun you just had on your first bicycle tour. Then start training for your entry into the Tour de France and see if you can keep up with the likes of Lance Armstrong.

Another type of tour is the Tour De France. The 2010 Tour will be launched from the south side of Rotterdam, and is a yearly event. From the 1st until the 4th of July 2010, you can experience it yourself, either live on or television.